Global communication technology



One of the main differentiation point of our approach compared to the competition is that we can offer an integrated end to end solution based on a proprietary methodology where software, hardware and networking play seamlessly together.



These are the core elements necessary for the platform to work



The heart of the U platform, sitting in the Cloud and accessible from anywhere


The Brain stores the profile of each user, including all the metrics related to what he does with U. The Brain is the place where we store the U content and finally, most importantly, the Brain is where we locate all the rules telling the system how to assemble and deliver content to users in order to make sense of it: it is the place where content for users become lessons and assignments for students.


You can talk with the Brain via two web tools


administrative tool

for school managers which allow to create users (students, teachers, content editors) and to manage permissions

content management tool

for teachers and content creators to design and distribute lessons and assignments and manage classes and students



A single app that lets you do do everything you need whether you are in the classroom, at home or in mobility


The app is a smart gateway able to seamlessly adapt to the context: while at home, you can work with it alone, in the classroom, it becomes a collaborative tool which promotes participation. It is used by both students and teachers to perform all the educational activities across the day.

It comes with a simple, intuitive interface and a rich features list:


Teacher/student mode support

Drawing and interactive notes

Audio/video streaming

Lesson browsing

Collaborative drawing between students into the classroom, remote student on the whiteboard

Student management

Execution of third party apps on U devices

Sharing of multimedia contents between tablets and whiteboard

Classes, modules, lessons management

Display import/export on whiteboard or tablet


It also comes with a remainders list holding all notices related the next events for the classes followed by a student and an alerts system to notify messages, tasks to do, new lessons made available to students.






The app is available for download at no cost in the app stores. It is currently available for Android devices with an iOS version for Apple devices in developement n 2018.




These are the extra elements that allow to unleash the full U experience

enhancers-ulearning (1).jpg


Hardware modules that you can plug on to the basic set up to enhance the learning experience


the u school server

a dedicated server installed at the school that seamlessly synchs with the Brain and handles all the activities performed locally by teachers and students increasing the reactivity of the system and allowing to manage temporary network failures.

the u boards

large interactive surfaces available in three sizes: 103” and 135” powered by a laser projectors with a light source certified for 20.000 hours of lifetime and 65” based on LED screen with motorized stand that allows to use it both in vertical on horizontal setup. The U boards run a proprietary software we created to dialogue with the U app and the Brain.

What if you already have an interactive board? You just use it with our U board software (minimum requirements: Windows 7 or higher, touch device working with Windows touch drivers). 


the chromecast

What if a school doesn’t have the budget to buy the boards? With a minimum investment, 35 euros, you get a Chromecast key that plugs directly into existing TVs or projectors. The U app is conceived to connect to external screens mirroring and broadcasting content through the Chromecast. You don’t get the full set of features of a U boards but it’s still a viable and cheap starting point. 


 Everybody talks about Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, MagicLeap, … All these tools and many more to come will have a potential when it comes to education. U has been designed to accommodate new plug-ins exactly like the U Boards can be plugged into the experience. They will act as enhancers of the experience where U is the interaction framework which rules it.



Satellite, terrestrial and wireless connections to provide a consistent learning experience even to digital divide areas


We built U with the idea that a consistent learning experience must be achieved whether you are physically present in the classroom or you join the it digitally. This apply to schools as well: two different classrooms can join together through U. This apply to students and schools in digital divide areas where the only way to access the network is a satellite link. We developed a bespoke telecom layer that works seamlessly with terrestrial, wireless and satellite connections. We leverage dedicated satellite links not just to reach areas where you don’t have any other coverage; through satellite broadcast as soon as a new content is created and published all the U servers in the schools get automatically updated.