Global communication technology



U presents a seamless, unified solution able to accommodate a variety of learning scenarios across multiple contexts: it has been conceived for K-12 schools but also as a collaborative training tool which can be used in universities and corporate environments.


We offer an innovative learning model, the result of an integrated approach between




Students collaborate on the basis of a specific learn by doing educational methodology conceived from scratch together with the technology: engineers have been working together with educators.

Students can join the digital interactive playground remotely through their tablets sharing the same experience they would live being physically present. Remote classrooms can join to share the lessons and collaborate creating a physical-digital continuum. A dedicated networking satellite layer takes care of seamless content synchronization and live experience management also for students and schools in digital divide areas


The U Platform allows teachers to build up lessons, arranging in a sequence the single activities that make them up. Activities can be of various types, including Media, Live events, launching external apps, and web activities, and can be navigated following forth and back the intended sequence or jumping from one to another for maximum flexibility.

It is also possible to add optional extra activities to a lesson to deepen concepts or
supply further study material.

Students can be grouped according to teachers' criteria (working groups, skill levels, etc) to enforce threshold learning or support different learning paces, as it is possible to assign different activities to each group.

U Assessments are based on TAO (Testing Assisté par Ordinateur), the open source platform for computer based testing developed by  the LIST (Lux Institute for Science & Technology).

An innovative redesign of the classroom layout further ehnances the learning experience and improves the effectiveness of the lessons.